Consulting Services

I offer two consulting services: 1. Individual Executive Coaching sessions tailored to your values, needs, and goals-- be they professional or philanthropic. 2. Organizational solutions customized to help your groupbuild belonging, enhance business & justice outcomes, and drive systemic, sustainable change.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Strategy

Let's co-create a comprehensive, culturally competent, customized strategy driven by senior leadership and implemented by stakeholders.


Stakeholder Assessments

Explore how each key stakeholder group experiences your organization, and what they expect of it.


Business & Justice Case Development

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion raises revenues, reputation, retention, and human rights. I help you develop the Business & Justice Case for DEI in your organization, benchmarked against industry leaders.


Measurement & Accountability

What gets measured gets managed. I work with you to develop measurable, high-impact, sustainable DEI and justice goals that enhance your business and ESG outcomes.


Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Be the change you seek. Invest and engage causes with measurable, sustainable, high-impact efforts creating systemic change.