The Internet is a great source to purchase an essay. It offers a range of companies online that can write papers for you. Some of the best known include EssayShark, WowEssay, and Writers Per Hour. There is a need to study the service to make sure that you’re receiving the most affordable price. If you decide to pay via PayPal, credit card, or via check, it is important to make sure that you have the highest return on your investment.


EssayShark is a fantastic option to begin your buying journey. The business offers writers with various qualifications and experience. If you choose a writer that you prefer, you are able to monitor their progress using a live chat service. When the writer has completed the work, you’ll receive the final draft. Fiverr writers could not understand English well and may not understand your request.

Even though EssayShark is an authentic paper writing service, it’s prone to mistakes. A lot of customers do not receive top standard papers due to their bidding system. The customer who recently bought an essay through EssayShark was provided with a piece of work full of repetition and the fluff. Fortunately, this paper was completed within a few minutes, despite the writer’s demand for a partial reimbursement.

The entire process can take less than five minutes. Once you have selected a writer you’ll get a glimpse of the finalized paper. You will also have a chance to approve or deny the payment. EssayShark is not a discount plan or loyalty program and does not hinder bidding. Writers aren’t paid until the paper is acknowledged by the bidder. Reviewers can help you see the writer’s profiles.

EssayShark is also respectful of your privacy. Customers have a right to privacy. It is important for them to feel safe the disclosure of their personal information. EssayShark will also safeguard customers’ personal information. This is important because it assures customers of a safe and easy access to their data. However, the company has no live chat facility, so the customers must keep this in mind. Its prices are reasonable and their writers will write excellent papers. You can request no-cost revisions in case you have any concerns regarding the work’s quality.

You can read customer reviews for more information about EssayShark. Some customers expressed dissatisfaction regarding the writing quality and the communications in the essay writing process. This service has proven to be successful through a variety of methods. Discuss with an expert particular aspects of your essay or even discuss them via the web. Bidding on the site guarantees high-quality and controversial world topics distinctive writing. These are among today’s most frequently requested writing services.

The website allows free revisions prior to making a payment. But if you’re completely satisfied with the essay, you can request to revise it for up to a few days. EssayShark’s authors may have little to no experience in the area and may not be competent in English. There is a chance that you will have to pay more money if the writer is not fluent in English.


A reliable company will make a reasonable amount for your paper. You can be assured of an essay of high quality. Their writers have a wealth of knowledge and have the ability to design a distinctive paper model. They are able to help you improve your writing skills and improve the likelihood of getting your paper published. Why should you choose Instead of WowEssay? Here are some of the advantages to using the offerings:

WOW Essays also offers an added benefit, namely a database of essays written by students from around the globe. The database contains a wealth of examples to help you in your writing. The service is also cheap and students won’t be able to pass it up. If you’re thinking about it, you’ll receive an outstanding paper for the price of a few cents. Customer service reps from the company are always available to answer any question you might have and they’re quick to respond to emails.

One thing that impressed me about Wow Essays is their price structure. A typical four-page argumentative essay is priced at $88. This is extremely reasonable as you only need to pay $22 per page. If you’re in need of more intricate paper and you want to pay extra $15 to get the “VIP” option. VIP customers are provided with priority support and an email alert. If you’re worried about the quality of your essay, consider working with a different firm.

Even though Wow Essays issues coupons less frequently than other companies However, it’s an excellent idea to check them for coupons on Google as well as because these review sites regularly. Wow Essays is a great opportunity to verify that the company you’re working with will meet your needs. It’s an excellent choice. It’s also a good idea to have your article corrected for plagiarism and grammar before you upload it. If they find something you need to work on, they’ll be able to make it right.

The pricing structure of WowEssay is another important feature. Prices are extremely affordable in comparison to other online marketplaces. When writing for high school it is possible to pay just $10 for each page. In contrast, when it comes to college and university papers the price is 20 dollars per page. While prices can be more costly for Ph.D. writing, they nonetheless represent an impressive discount from the market average. It is possible to save money by using the WowEssay discount coupon code that cuts the cost for your initial order by 11%.

You can use a trusted essay database. To access the website the user doesn’t have to disclose any data. VPNs can also be employed to protect your personal information confidential. Your information is secured and no third parties can access your information. In contrast to other companies that demand users to divulge sensitive information when you use an online essay database service is safe. You can be sure your assignment is in the best hands so you’re never at risk.

Writers Per Hour

What is the cost that Writers Per Hour pay for an assignment? What is the cost of this freelance writing service charge? You may wonder if you are paying per hour instead of a fixed amount per project. In reality, it depends on your expertise and skills. Here are some suggestions to ensure you get the most value from your dollars. Start by deciding on the kind of work you’d like to finish and the number of hours of time you have to commit to each. Then, estimate how much time each one will consume.

Asking writers what the average per-hour wage for writing careers, 35% said that they relied on referrals for their first position. Writing positions can be paid differently according to the type of work they are. A majority of writers earn between $10 and $11 an hour. Some writers earn higher than the average. To determine what your salary will be, it is necessary be aware of how much writers each hour are paid for the work they write.

The second reason is that the success rate of writers is correlated with the level of their experience. According to the study, 25% of the writers with lowest rates were novices. While 1.5 per cent of writers charging $100 or more per hour had experience, the majority of those at these levels of experience were experienced freelancers. This is evident when looking at per-word rates. The lowest paid writers were newbies. $0.01 or $0.0.10 per words writers. Experts comprised 54%, however, among those authors who charged at least a dollar for every word.

Writing for clients with a marketing focus pays much better than general content creation. Whitepapers, copywriting and whitepapers as well as press releases and sales pages are examples of writing that is related to marketing. White papers, statement of position brochures, position statements and white papers are just a few examples of written work for business. Ghostwriting requires specialized knowledge and expertise. It is essential to make a specialization of your writing so that you can earn the highest earnings.

Writing for a low rate usually requires writers who are cheap to cut corners and skimp on research and proofreading. Most of them allow the mistakes of others to creep in their writing. Poor writing won’t stand on without a high-quality. Organizations that have tried to cut prices on writing rates for writers were unhappy. Numerous have complained of poor quality writing and were forced to have it heavily rewritten in order to achieve the intended result.

How much can an independent writer make each year? Setting a goal is the most effective way to determine the amount you could earn each month. This could be $30k per month, or more. If you can achieve that desired goal, you’ll need to consider a job that pays you an hourly rate of $30. You’ll need to bill for your service for 50 weeks, which equals $30 per hour. It is recommended to target projects that pay the equivalent of $30,000 per year if are looking to make $30,000 per annum. Adding up this amount will give you an approximate idea of the amount you could expect.

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