Islam & Islamophobia in America

Twenty years after 9/11, American Muslims continue to experience misunderstanding, bias, and discrimination at work, school, and places in between. Let’s work together to create allies with cultural competence and confidence.


Understanding Islam

Though 25% of the world population is Muslim, many of us know little about their religion. As of 2021, 50% of Americans believe myths about Islam. This session demystifies the myths and realities of Islam, the fastest growing and 2nd largest faith in the world.


Engaging Diverse Muslim Colleagues & Clients

Muslims came to the US before Columbus and are the most racially and ethnically diverse faith group in the US today. Discover the diversity of Muslims in America and best practices in engaging Muslim colleagues and clients with cultural competence.


Islamic Finance in US Markets

Learn about Islamic finance concepts and products in American markets, the impacts of U.S. laws, and the business case for engaging American Muslim clients, many of whom are connected to the $4 trillion global Islamic marketplace.


Countering Islamophobia at Work

Islamophobia, or the fear of and discrimination against Muslims, surfaces at work.Though Muslims constitute 1% of Americans, they accounted for 20-25% of EEOC discrimination claims since 2009. Unpack the causes and impacts of Islamophobia, and how workplace policies and programs can mitigate religious discrimination.


Bulldoze Bullying: An Anti-Bias Approach

Over half of religious minority children in K-12 and college are bullied because of their faith. Perpetrators include students, teachers, staff, and others’ parents. Explore how to take a whole-school anti-bias approach to keeping all children safe.