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a thought leader and strategic consultant… [whose] transformative impacts led international leaders to seek Zahra’s advice and services.

“I’ve worked with Zahra for 10 years. She is a thought leader and strategic consultant who sees the big picture and strives to empower the marginalized. She is adept at translating data, complex ideas, and cultural insights into plain English and actionable, measurable goals with empathy and impact. I watched her build a team, pilot, and scale nationally a workshop series on living one’s values in daily life, from scratch, in 9 months. Within a couple of years, leaders abroad saw the program’s transformative impacts on participants. They sought and secured Zahra’s counsel in doing similar work for them.”

Zahir Ladhani
CEO & Co-Founder, Velocity Consulting \n Former President, Kenexa \n Former VP, IBM

A foundation of building leading organizations is a diverse and highly qualified workforce which appreciates all differences, including religious diversity. I don’t know a better expert than Dr. Jamal.

“Religious diversity is the tip of the spear in the diversity, inclusion and ESG space. It should be top of mind for Fortune 1000 companies. It should have equal weighting with race, gender, and sexual orientation. Zahra has a proven track record in helping corporate, government, and nonprofit clients align purpose, people, and profits by investing in all types of diversity, including religious diversity. She’s an expert on Islam, a leader in this niche field, and the ideal consultant for your organization.”

Amin Maredia
Co-founder Purpose & Profit \n Former CEO at Sprouts, VP at Burger King, Principal at PWC

an impressively skilled diversity, equity, inclusion consultant [whose] expertise… is vital for investors and clients to remain competitive.

“Zahra is an impressively skilled diversity, equity, inclusion consultant with expertise in religious diversity and Islam. She has trained tens of thousands of corporate leaders—including those from Goldman Sachs, Facebook, and Disney— on how to engage diverse Muslim employees and customers, which is increasingly important in today’s business world. Zahra’s focus on cultural competence and on ROI for her investors and clients is vital for them to remain competitive.”

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James T. Hackett
President Tessellation Services \n Former Chairman/CEO/President of four Fortune 500 companies \n Former Chairman of Dallas Federal Reserve